Aurifil - Brittany Lloyd Heirloom Threads

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Brittany Lloyd Heirloom Threads


Heirloom, the debut collection for Brittany Lloyd of Lo & Behold Stitchery, celebrates the intersection of traditional and modern sewing. It’s dedicated to the rich history of our craft and the legacy that we carry with us as modern makers. This collection perfectly captures a spectrum of color that is bright and happy yet muted and sophisticated. Experiment with hand-quilting and traditional machine sewing with a gorgeous range of 100% cotton 50wt & 12wt spools. Have fun creating a beautiful work of art that will stand the test of time and be added to your most below collection of handmade heirlooms.

This set contains one spool of each of the following colors:
50wt: 1148, 4093, 2515, 2530, 2425
12wt: 4241, 5007, 2479, 2535, 2155

Color: Assorted
Made of: Cotton
Use: Thread Collection
Size: 50wt, 12wt
Included: 10 Small Spools